1. Do you cut kids hair?

Yes I do! Prices vary by age. The only time I will not cut hair for a child is when they do not want their hair cut. If they are upset and crying I will not cut their hair because I do not want to create any negative feelings for the kids about having their hair cut. I want to respect their personal space and boundaries around their hair.

2. Can I bring my kid to my appointment?

Your child is welcome at the salon. The salon does welcome children but we are not set up to entertain or to watch your child. If you decide to bring your child to your appointment please bring something to entertain them while they are here. Most kids are content with having a movie to watch. Be mindful of how long your appointment is. If you are here for a long service over an hour long then please consider your child’s ability to be in an adult work environment for that long. Please be mindful that this is a work environment  with hot and sharp tools and a space that people come into to relax. If your child has trouble being mellow for over an hour then please consider getting childcare during your appointment.

3. Can I bring in my own product?

Yes, you can bring in your own shampoo, conditioner and styling products. We do have a variety of organic and petrochemical free hair care products but I do respect that some people have products that they prefer best and you are welcome to bring them.

4. Do you do updo’s?

I do not do updo’s but I can refer you to some great stylists at the salon who do.

5. Do you do perms or chemical straightening?

I do not do perms or chemical straightening. We haven’t found anything so far that is not chemically heavy and toxic. Those kind of services tend to create a chemical overhang in the salon and we want to make the air  breathable for everyone.

6. Do you only like to cut short hair?

I love cutting all hair lengths. While I do enjoy shorter hairstyles, what I enjoy the most is helping people feel their best, whatever hair length or style they prefer.

7. How long have you been doing hair?

I started cutting hair in 1997 and went to hair school in 1998. In 1997 I lived in a punk house where everyone either cut each others hair or cut their own hair. That is where I realized that I loved cutting hair. I then went to Joji’s Hair Academy on Commercial Drive and did the 10  month program there.

8. Can I come in just for scalp massage?

Yes, but please book by email for that. The salon has 2 hair washing sinks and during busy times there is not enough time available to give you a proper long scalp massage. Book by email so we can get you in during a quieter time at the salon so you can have a nice long scalp massage.

9. Why are you the holistic hairstylist with magic hands?

In my 20s I studied and practiced reiki, took a 5 month full body reflexology program when I learned reflexology of the feet, hands, head and body, learned basic acupressure and massage, chakra balancing, chinese medicine 5 element theory and studied  flower essences and essential oils.

I do my best to incorporate all those skills into my work, and specifically in my scalp massage.

10. I want to come and see you but I have limited funds. Do you do sliding scale services?

Contact me privately  over email and we’ll figure out a price point that works for you.